New year, old me

January is always about planning, making resolutions and slowly forgetting about them. Not for me though, I never failed to keep a promise to myself, even if it was hard to achieve. 2017 was my toughest year of all – I even had to admit, that I overstretched my borders a bit -, but at the same time it was the most rewarding one so far.

When I made up my mind to retrain myself from a market researcher to a data visualization expert I would never dreamed about this paying off so soon. Almost every night after coming home from 8 hours work, I set down in front of another computer to learn the things needed to meet my goals. This has started in January 2017…

11 month later, in November I won a dataviz competition and in December I started a new job at a big data company. It’s still hard to believe that they’re paying me for playing with data all day.

To those, who are not that dedicated to their goals, here’s a little help in the habit journal I put together for the new year:

Habit journal (2)

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