Hey, I’m Judit Bekker!

These are the faces I make 97.5% of the time ☝🏻

I love playing LEGO, I’m obsessed with space, I could live the rest of my life on a bicycle, I can spend 36 hours a day watching movies and series, I’ve never been bored since 1993, I’m a serial book reader and have an eternal crush on the Count of Monte Cristo, I still know Home Alone 2 by heart, my favorite font is Futura, I like doodling on photos, and I’m dead scared of pigeons.

My recognitions

  • Tableau Visionary 2022 (ex-Zen Master)
  • Tableau Zen Master 2021
  • Tableau Public Ambassador 2020 – 2023
  • WIA dataviz competition 2021 – 1st place
  • Best Designer Vizzie Award 2020
  • Tableau Featured Author 2020

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