Satisfaction around Europe

Last week I’ve learnt how to put together a so-called ‘viola chart’ and my brain instantly started ticking on how I can try this out. The first thing popping into my mind was my greatest university mantra, the European Social Survey, that we used for playing around in SPSS. I knew there are some satisfaction and happiness factors they are measuring in all countries, so it seemed ideal.

In the making I realized, that the name ‘viola chart’ is not the most telling one, my Rorschach view would rather say ‘soon to be blown twisting balloons’ or ‘gyros blocks rotated in 90°’ or ‘used rubber’

Funny how my first ever ‘condom chart’ visualizes satisfaction metrics. As Alanis Morissette would say: isn’t it ironic?

Full visualization available

Dashboard 1 (1)

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