All the Queen’s corgis

I’ve been obsessed with the Queen and her corgis for a long time, but after watching The Crown on Netflix I irreversibly fell in love with these four-legged furballs. Every time something weird came up in the show I was like wow, this can’t be true, I’m definitely googling it… Turns out, such fascinating things happened to the British monarchs since Elizabeth II stepped on the throne, that I had trouble believing them.

I started mapping out the family tree of the royal corgis last May (even mentioned it in my Beep beep boop post back then), I read tons of articles, watched an awful lot of videos, but every time I bumped into obstacles. Last time I almost got it right, but couldn’t detect the direct ancestor of Heather – one of the favourite dogs of Elizabeth II. I even played with the thought of contacting the royal dog breeder (if such a title exists), but I came across a new book called All the Queens corgis in November 2018, that filled the holes in my story.

How cool that the Queen got her first corgi, Susan for her 18th birthday and had these puppies by her side for more than 70 years! There were altogether 14 generations of dogs originated from Susan, Willow the last one to die in 2018 (the Queen didn’t want any of her corgis to outlive her). My favourite story is, that Elizabeth II accidentally invented a new species of dogs called dorgis, as Pipkin, the dachshund of Princess Margaret cross-bred with Tiny from the 4th generation of Susan.

Purple variant:

Black variant:

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