Do the Rosling

Despite all the bad news, we’re facing every day due to the broad media coverage of our modern times, the world is getting better in so many ways. This visualization shows how life expectancy is rising all over the globe in the past 5 decades, while the fertility rate is going down. The causes of these trends root in several factors, but one thing is for sure: we’re living longer than any generations before us.

Operation Ho Ho Ho

Having been born in 1987 I think I belong to the golden generation of trash Christmas movies. I remember Arnold Schwarzenegger desperately fighting for Turbo Man at the department store, Chevy Chase lightning up the town with Xmas decorations or Tim Allen turning into Santa Claus with great nostalgia. But my favorite of all is Home Alone 2. Growing up in the 90s meant, that you had 5 videotapes on top and watched them night and day. I still know the whole film by heart and after more than 25 years, and can’t get bored of it.

All the books I’ve read before

Why get out of bed when you can read about people who got out of bed? This pretty much sums up my past weeks, so I decided to make a visualization from an idea that has spent a long time on my to-do list. I put together a database from all the books I’ve read since 2009 (the year I started using moly) and it turned out that the 278 titles almost add up to 100 000 pages.