How I got landed a dataviz job at almost 30?

I’m not an easy person. I’m fast, loud, rarely satisfied, I have a can-do attitude, but I get bored easily. I’m a whirlwind, and sometimes people feel intimidated by me. I don’t think that someone is right just because he’s above me in the hierarchy, and it’s hard to shut my mouth when I feel suppressed. I had my problems with that attitude, and I felt that this is all my fault, while it was just not the right workplace for me.

Project Peso UI

At Starschema we’re planning to introduce a blockchain based internal monetary system where pesos can be spent on company gadget. We can earn money by taking part in various social activities like meetup presentations, holding internal trainings or writing blog posts among many other things. Pesos can be transferred to other colleagues too for helping […]