Why it’s okay not asking for feedback

This is a story that was heavily inspired by David Lynch, so hear it from him. “…If they give you the right to make the film, they owe you the right to make it the way you think it should be. The filmmaker should decide on every single element, every single word, every single sound, every single thing going down that highway through time. Otherwise it won’t hold together. The film may suck, but at least you made it suck on your own.”

Fire walk with me: All the things I watched in 2020

In 2020 I watched 645 hours of movies and series. Yes, that equals 27 days and it’s almost as long as February. 73% of this time I spent watching series – 660 episodes of 62 different ones. My main platform was Netflix (270 hours), closely followed by HBO GO (250 hours), while I only went to the movies 3 times this year due to the lockdown.

Operation Ho Ho Ho

Having been born in 1987 I think I belong to the golden generation of trash Christmas movies. I remember Arnold Schwarzenegger desperately fighting for Turbo Man at the department store, Chevy Chase lightning up the town with Xmas decorations or Tim Allen turning into Santa Claus with great nostalgia. But my favorite of all is Home Alone 2. Growing up in the 90s meant, that you had 5 videotapes on top and watched them night and day. I still know the whole film by heart and after more than 25 years, and can’t get bored of it.