My favorite graphic artists

I’m usually very invested in arts, but last year was all about savings, so I only spent money on necessary things. Since cheap life is over, I started supporting my favorite podcasts on Patreon and bought a couple of original prints to decorate the office wall. Sharing is caring, so I collected my top 10 graphic artists to spread the word. Hard to pick favorites, so here comes good old A-Z.

Csaba Klement

Csaba is a Hungarian animation artist who is famous for making cute GIFs (custom orders available) and tiny ceramic sculptures. I bought a mini care bear from him a year ago, and I’m not sure if it wouldn’t be that one thing I’d save if the house was on fire. Check out his Instagram or Tumblr – Csaba delivers worldwide if you DM him. You can also have a look at a music video he animated last year. 

Gemma Correll

Gemma is a cartoonist, writer, and illustrator who lives in California. So far, she has written 3 books (A Pug’s Guide to EtiquetteThe Feminist Activity BookThe Worriers Guide to Life). I only have the latest one, but that has a special place both in my heart and on the shelf. Also, she’s the one I borrowed the couchella term for one of my quarantine vizzes. Her comics are hilarious, give her a follow on InstagramTwitter, and hop over to her website.

Source: Gemma’s Twitter


Jessi is my favorite tattoo artist, and I’m so going to Nurnberg once we can travel again. She’s truly one of a kind! Luckily until it’s safe to open tattoo parlors, I could order a custom signed print from her. Have a look at Jessi’s gorgeous designs on Instagram.

Mary Kate McDevitt

Mary Kate is a lettering artist based in Philadelphia. I’m a fan of her ever since I first laid eyes on the Every Day is Epic journal. I have that book for 4 years now, but I’m still waiting for the perfect moment to ruin it with my handwriting. She also has an epic website and very active on Instagram – give her a follow.

MR Bingo

Since most of his works contain nudity and/or obscenity (which I like a lot), I’m not posting my favorite designs here. In case you wanna know, my favs are the hand-finished cock plants and the scratch-off advent calendar. If you’re not sensitive to content like this, check out MR Bingo’s store and Instagram account

Mike Lowery

He’s a devoted collector and illustrator of weird facts that is very close to the dataviz world. I bought his Random Illustrated Facts book years ago, and I don’t know where he finds this information, but sign me up for it. I also backed up his Slightly Jet Legged travel sketchbook initiative on Kickstarter in 2019 – there are so many great projects to support there! Have a look at Mike’s website and push that follow button on Instagram.

Nina Cosford

I just ordered these two signed prints from Nina below, and I literally can’t contain myself and counting the days for them to arrive. I’m sure we’d either be best friends if we knew each other or we are the same person. Her style and topics never cease to amaze me. Check out Nina’s website and Instagram account.


I got to know Prizmu in 2014 when I was in Prague for the first time. He/she is the Central European Banksy – nobody knows who is behind those mind-blowing graffitis. Even the Instagram page says in its headline: Who the fuck is Prizmu? There was a time I wanted to make a map of Prizmu’s works, but it seems impossible to collect.

Rebu Ceramics

Rebeka Rácz is a self-taught Hungarian clay artist who is constantly experimenting with new forms and shapes. Randomness and imperfection play an important role in her objects. Decorate your home with something special from her store. Also, have a look at her website and give her a follow on Instagram.

Sean Charmatz

Sean is my spirit animal. He inspired me to start doodling on my photos when I see something that can be turned from ordinary into funny. I wish I had half the imagination Sean has, but I’m just genuinely happy when he posts something. You can go through his work on Instagram, and he also has a Youtube channel for animated doodles.

+1 Etam Cru

Plus one, because Etam Cru is the favorite artist group of my brother. I only discovered them recently, but I’m fascinated by everything they do. Etam Cru is a graffity duo, that consists of Przemek Blejzyk aka Sainer (1988) and Mateusz Gapski aka Bezt (1987). Born and raised in Poland, both met while studying fine art at uni in Lodz. Today Etam Cru is considered the most accomplished in Polish street art. Check out their incredible work on the Brain Damage Gallery.

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