Make chemistry fun again!

Getting back to school is not always fun, but we can make it so. I made a periodic table and added some interesting facts to all the elements to make learning chemistry even sexier than it is! However, this was nothing new, the idea and even the execution was already done on Verzion. After being selected as a Tableau Public Ambassador, I felt like “now what?”. I couldn’t get myself to work, but then I saw a periodic table on Etsy. My mom is a teacher, and I felt I could make maybe one useful viz after tons of no-point visualizations (which I feed on). You can play with the interactive version on Tableau Public.

Periodic table in Tableau

If you hover over the element flashcards pop up with the main information about the selected element. I made tons of calculations to make the text sound right and had to look for additional info where the data was missing. Some of them are still missing, but this is as good as it gets.

Flashcard tooltip

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