MythBusters: I can’t draw

Some people say it’s easy for me to sketch wireframes because I can draw. With the help of my superstar mom – who took the time to select and scan my childhood drawings -, I’m gonna bust this myth into tiny pieces. Last week I was searching for a photo of Barbie pony and at the back, I saw a terrible drawing hanging on the wall over the bed of my little brother. I wonder how he could fall asleep looking at that every night. Turns out, I had that Addams Family vibe from pretty early on. Luckily my mom managed to find that piece of art, and I guess this my favorite of all. By the way, I know there’s this new trend of parents having their kid’s drawings tattooed on them, so I told my mom, that it’s okay from my side if she wants to have this on her arm!

I love how detailed the hands are, and also the pedophile looking snowmen with pumpkin heads in the back. The sun must have been so bright that day, that even the eyes of the girls have melted. Bonus point for the minimalist color usage!

Below, you can see our family portrait, as living as it was a photo. I wonder how I could catch that 90s highlights trend when people had blonde streaks in their black hair so vividly when portraying my mother! It’s pretty clear that we inherited our shape of the head from our father, who is the only one not having blue eyes in reality… but also, he never wore anything red, so what the heck.

I know it’s obvious, but this is a painting of Bibione, Italy. See, there were palm trees everywhere! This was one of my favorite family vacations, I had that towel for ages. One night we were strolling down the street from the apartment and I saw the doll of my dreams in a shop-window. I wanted it real bad, and every night I asked my parents to go that way so that I could have a look. I thought I ended up not getting the doll, but months later I received it as a gift for my birthday. I just can’t describe how happy I was when I unpacked the present.

Speaking of celebrations, I think this was the Christmas when I got a volleyball and learned that it’s best to play volleyball outside. Based on the picture we were still having that Bibione tan and got matching pink and blue T-shirts with my brother. But the most interesting thing about this picture is the technique: this was made with scented brush-pens. The light blue smelled (but not tasted) like a Tom & Jerry bubblegum, so that was the first to run short on ink.

Hungary is right in the middle of the wine/beer dividing line, so for a kid growing up here, it’s really hard to decide what kind of a person she wants to be. Judging by this picture you could think that I have chosen at an early stage, but this is a false assumption. I’m not taking sides, I love both.

Gender equality has always been very important to me, you can see that in my world even girls could be princes. One of my favorite tales was Rapunzel from Hanna-Barbera Productions, so I guess that’s her in the tower. Some days ago I rewatched that episode just for the sake of nostalgia but got turned off at the very beginning. Rapunzel’s mother is bitching so hard, that it’s really a challenge to continue. She claims SHE WILL DIE if her husband won’t steal radish from the witch’s garden because that’s the only thing she craves. Anyway, I like the smart usage of white space in this drawing!

The last one I selected is a more mature piece depicting the figures of The Little Mermaid. In this drawing, I started experimenting with infographic elements, as I drew a big bird, a small bird, and a bird. I guess this would also make a good full back tattoo, I don’t want to restrict my mother’s options, I’d be happy to give my consent to this one as well.

*Cover photo by fauxels

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