Radio Ga-Ga

I made a Lady Gaga viz by accident. I’m not a fan of pop music, but she’s just one of the most talented women of our time. I loved her Five Foot Two documentary, she’s just so ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. Her performance in A Star is Born is giving me the goosebumps by even thinking about it. I’m glad I ended up using her on this design-driven viz. Wanna know what this means? Keep on reading!

Final dashboard design on Tableau Public

I was scrolling through Pinterest and I came across this picture by Kamila, and I wanted to recreate her work somehow. The greatest challenge was to find a good quality png image and then I’ll build my viz around that. The first pic I found was Lady Gaga, so I decided Lady Gaga it is!

I was fully ready with my design before starting to search for data to fill my canvas with. This is not the usual way to do things, but this time it was in line with my intentions. For this type of exercise, the design was superior to data and I was sure to find something that would fit. I had several takes on the layout, but ended up using the fourth for the dashboard.

The last step was adding the data, I found Youtube statistics on for all the Lady Gaga music videos uploaded to her site, the Grammy nominations were gathered from the official page.

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