I Am Not Okay With This

I’m starting to feel this MakeoverMonday vibe! I’m not okay with any of this, but extremely grateful for the Tableau community for raising such issues. This topic was complex, but the most shocking thing was, that in developing countries a higher ratio of women thinks they deserve to be hit than men. I’m not saying it’s our fault that a lot of women suffer from domestic violence for the slightest reasons, but everything starts with respecting ourselves. To all the women out there: you deserve so much better! Support Operation Fistula and be part of the change they make.

As for the dashboard design, I laid two charts upon each other (female on top) to have the desired effect with the circles. The purple has a 75% opacity to make it visible if the mark is bigger for women than men. I drew the background and the legends in Illustrator, countries can be selected by clicking on the hamburger menu. It looks pretty good with this new animation feature in 2020.1. You can access the interactive report here.

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