Sleepless in school

I rarely feel the urge to take on the weekly Makeover Monday challenge as the topics usually get me down (dying, lack of sanitation, homelessness, trials…), but this seemed to be too cute to pass. I mean, the fact that kids are not getting enough sleep is a pretty serious problem, but from dataviz point of view, I had an idea how to see the fun side of this data. I made up my mind to draw a flat icon character and his yawn will be the bigger the sleep deprivation is in the selected grade. I can’t get enough of these new tableau viz animations! Sorry for the shitty gif, but you can also have a look at the dashboard on my Tableau Public site.

Gif from the final dashboard design in Tableau

Again, I drew the background in Illustrator and put it back to Tableau as a floating image, covering the whole size of the canvas. I removed the boy’s mouth from the pic and added it as a shape to achieve that yawning effect. I had a lot of trouble adjusting the eyes, as at first, it looked more like screaming than being sleepy. After some feedbacks I started changing the looks, scroll down to see the process.

Illustrator background
Eye adjustment steps

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