The Movie Spiral

Tableau Magic does the coolest visualizations and I wanted to try this spiral column chart so bad, that I started searching for data, that could be a good fit for it. As a movie geek I ended up in films again, this time it’s the Box Office 2019 numbers I laid eyes upon. How shocking does it sound, that 4 studios made up more than 70% of the total gross income of Hollywood with only 12% of the films? I know I’m a real snob, but I hope that someday people will come to their senses and start watching good movies. In my ideal world Jojo Rabbit, Parasite or Joker would’ve preceded the Avengers, any Disney remake and that shameful end to the Star Wars saga too. Sorry, not sorry.

As for the visualization, each bar on the spiral represents a release date and I marked the top-grossing ones with green, while the lowest-grossing days are purple. I also added tooltips for better understanding, so you can find the interactive version here.

Final dashboard design in Tableau
Tableau tooltips

Again, this was a co-production, so here’s the Illustrator file I put back in Tableau to achieve this half-infographic, half-dataviz style. I can’t express how much I’m in love with Adobe Illustrator from the moment I opened the software, but if it would be possible, I’d be married to it by now.

Background drawn in Illustrator

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