All the books I’ve read before

Why get out of bed when you can read about people who got out of bed? This pretty much sums up my past weeks, so I decided to make a visualization from an idea that has spent a long time on my to-do list. I put together a database from all the books I’ve read since 2009 (the year I started using moly) and it turned out that the 278 titles almost add up to 100 000 pages. I decided to use chart types that I haven’t played with before, that’s how the Sankey diagram, the Waffle and the Lollipop charts made it to the canvas in Tableau. For the map, I used a custom Mapbox template to visualize the distribution of authors by birthplace. Reading is sexy so grab a book, but before you do, check out my dataviz on Tableau Public.


  1. Can you tell me how you made a waffle chart based on if the author was male/female or if the book was an ebook? I’m trying to figure it out but I can’t calculate a percentage of a string value that isn’t contained to the marks card. I guess I can just do the math in excel and force it, but I’d rather have it dynamic/live in Tableau if possible and I haven’t seen it done like you’ve done it anywhere else.



    1. Hey Courtney,

      It was so long ago that I only remember vaguely but I did prepare the data for this and then do some calculations. I’ll make it available for download (if it’s not already).

      Best, Judit


      1. Thanks! Hopefully I can reverse engineer it based off of that then. I really appreciate your help 🙂


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