Driver behaviour analysis

This week I was working on a fleet management dashboard (from data generation and masking to UI) in Power BI and had a really hard time with the design this time. The original report that we wanted to improve contained only one chart, a heatmap in Excel and that was a core element that needed to be included. The idea to recreate this table in a BI tool gave me the creeps (even more when I started experimenting with colors), but at the end, it turned out to be pretty cool with this blue-pink diverging scale.

Wanna know how we’re making a marketing demo dashboard? It’s all about top-down planning, let’s have a glimpse at how it looks the best, and adjust the data accordingly. That’s why I added a radar chart, as it’s shit hot and we’d never use it anyway… But my favorite part was creating the dumbbell chart that I’m a big fan of these days. This could be another story about “How to hack Power BI”, cause you’d never believe, that I drew the lines in Illustrator and then added the scatterplots on top one by one with fixed axes. Check out the interactive version in the Data Stories Gallery.

Final dashboard design with Adobe Illustrator in Power BI

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