Map my trip vol II. – Berlin

I started working full time in 2011 when I was still doing my masters at the university. This practically meant, that all my vacations have been taken out to do tests, write assignments and prepare for a language exam. I don’t have the slightest idea how I managed to get any sleep in those years, but it made me realise that I would never want to take part in any type of formal education ever. The first time I went on a holiday was in the autumn of 2016, when I visited my brother in Frankfurt, who has moved to Germany a whole year before. The first thing I noticed is, that I don’t know how to vacation, I had plenty of time to kill, but no duties to execute. I still have problems with not being able to turn off, but I started planning my day offs to spend them (less than 25 days / year!) as ought to.

I made the first travel map last year for a Prague trip, and it was the best idea! I could plan everything the most efficient way, no idling when we didn’t know what to do next, yet there was no schedule to obey by. I simply always knew what else is nearby. It was obvious, that I’ll do the same for our Berlin tour in May, but this time I also added pics, links and little descriptions to all the places. I intend to do a visualization of the trip itself too, the range of collected data is already under preparation.

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