R U mine?

I started learning R a few weeks ago after an internal C# training that has left me completely devastated. Even though I thought it would be a long shot for me to start with, I was surprised that I could follow the codes for almost an hour… the rest of the time was spent by silent beer drinking in the dark trying to lift the mood (that the others apparently didn’t want to be lifted). Based on this shocking experience, two days later I decided to dig myself deeper into a language that I’ve been ogling at for more than a year now and which is more suitable for my work: R.

At fist, it was not easy to understand the concept of working with vectors, but R has a very steep learning curve and I really like that it allows for 100% flexibility when it comes to visualizations (not like Tableau or Power BI). The logic of the language is quite simple to follow and get used to, after only a couple of days into programming, I was able to put together this decent looking custom chart from scratch.

However for a simple dataviz, I would not type in this enormous monster of a code, but I’m pretty sure I’ll use R quite lot in the future. Fun times are coming!

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