Hungarian pay hills and valleys

I was asked by the Hungarian National Academy of Sciences to draw some infographics on the status of the national labour market. The series will contain four pages in the following topics: educational differences, pay gap visualization by gender, women by top career choices and the situation of mothers with small children. The first two topics I already covered, while the others are still in progress. Additionally, I designed a social media template with some call to actions to use on Facebook and Instagram. The icon set I created for the infographics was based on the amazing portfolio of Rezen on Shutterstock.

I’ve been working on this project for months now, but still amazed every time I see, that at no point in our lives we’ll earn as much money as an average man in Hungary…

Let me drop your jaw too with these numbers below!

Infografika 4_frame-01

Infografika 1_frame-01

Social media

Icon set

* The infographics are not finalized yet, but they would totally look like this if it was my choice of design.

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