Say aloe to my little friends

Plants and I are in a continuous on-again, off-again relationship. Me trying to care, but they refuse to stay alive.

The greatest shock came to me this summer when my all-time partner in crime, the dwarf pine threw up the sponge after 3 years. Even if there are hardships in life – in this case, because of not watering for more than a month -, you don’t just walk out on the other like that. That was the point when I decided not to have any more plants, like ever.

Two weeks ago I decided to check out the famous botanical garden in Budapest to shoot some photos, kill the time and as it later turned out, to buy all the miniature succulents I could take home in one hand while riding the bike. Since then, I populated the whole window sill with new plants in funny pots – that my mother identified as an eclectic style –, and spend 80% of my free time watching them (don’t) grow.


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