Vacation around my head

Since holiday this year means replacing the windows in the apartment with days of endless cleaning after, I decided to go back to my happy place for an imaginary vacation through drawing.

When we were kids, we spent 10 days in the heart of the Bakony mountains every summer, camping the hell out of nature. No electricity, no sanitation, no lukewarm bath in the evening, just a tent, bread dripped in fat at the fire, a volleyball and some pencils to kill the time, and a spade to bury your byproduct up in the woods.

Last time being there was in 2010, a year after I started cycling. I thought I was in the right condition to join my brother and bike 40 kilometres from the train station (how wrong I was), but soon after we arrived in Veszprém, it turned out, that the road contains only ups and no downs – literally. 8 years later I’d be more than happy to take that ride, but it was too much for me back than. I had to stop at the first pub in the first village and wait for my brother to send someone for me with a car, as there’s no sign in that nomadic paradise to reach anyone via phone. Luckily I made friends with the local alcoholics over a jug of spritzer, and a couple of hours later a friend of us came as a rescue. For the following 4 days, I unplugged myself from life and just went with the flow of nature, side by side with my loved ones.

Guess I’ll never stop wishing to be there…


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