Under the same sky

Guess this is clear by now, that I have quite a big obsession with space. I was more than devastated by not seeing the lunar eclipse last week, as I already imagined the big red moon up in the sky while humming the lines played at the binary sunset in Star Wars. The weather was so cloudy, that it was impossible to see anything, so I texted all of my friends living anywhere else to ask if it’s visible from there. Seems like only Budapest has missed out on a chance like that, but head up high, we keep on searching for new space wonders. August is the month of shooting stars, and I’m hoping to catch a few, as I have some wishes to be fulfilled. But before shooting for the stars, let’s get back to my earthly adventures…

I had the most amazing weekend, enjoying the peak of the summer on the beach while reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, surrounded by friends and family. Until Saturday I couldn’t imagine that a simple pasta can be as delicious as it turned out to be and that you can have dinner twice at the same restaurant within a day just because it was that good. Seeing the sunset from 200 meters high and going to sleep with a full tummy while you don’t hear the tram getting by under your windows is just as magical as it sounds. No wonder I’m still under the impression of this weekend getaway, that inspired today’s drawing.


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