Inner space – Outer peace

Daily commute has a lot of drawbacks: smelly people, more smelly people, smelly people rubbing shoulders with you, smelly people stopping you from catching the bus… but it definitely has one advantage, I have more shower thoughts on the metro than under the shower itself.

Lately, I’ve been feeling so empty, that sometimes I cannot imagine being ever filled again. I can barely be happy about anything and just want to get over with stuff… Waking up, getting to work, working, getting home from work, finding excuses not to meet my friends. And this is so not me.

Being crammed between two smelly people on the subway, I thought how funny it would be to reverse the expressions, inner peace and outer space. It would perfectly represent the void that fills me, while life is just peacefully passing me by. Drawing this small illustration I feel a little bit less empty.


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