No driving licence needed

Yes, this colour scheme seems to be a current obsession, but I promise it will pass eventually. Last week I was asked to visualize the results of our car racing simulator at Starschema, and having the first glimpse of the data, I saw there’s not that much in it for a jaw-dropping viz. On the other hand, I felt the possibility to boost it up design-wise and shake up this simple data of only one round with a cute background pre-drawn in Illustrator and then putting it back to Microsoft Power BI.

Would have been an easier ride if I’ve known what these indicators are, but even though I got my driving licence when I was 17, the world is a better place without me sitting behind the wheel. Instead, you can read about my car sharing experiences here.

The interactive version has been sent up to the clouds!

FireShot Capture 23 - Microsoft Power BI_ - https___app.powerbi.com_view


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