Things that define me

Last week I finally received Mari Andrew’s book (not sure to mark it as treasure or golden), Am I there yet? and it got me thinking a lot about myself. There’s a section where Mari listed the things that define her and I sat down with a pen and a notebook to collect all the stuff that makes me. Even though it was really harsh writing these things down, I guess it will help me grow and I’m pretty sure to turn this into a visualization eventually.

  • signature curly/messy hair
  • Chucks for all occasions
  • a continuous urge to create
  • affection for monkeys sticking with me from my childhood, symbolizing the love of my mom
  • 505 by Arctic Monkeys
  • OCD realized in only being able to drink from mugs/glasses that make a perfect fit for what I drink
  • Manhattan by Woody Allen
  • the inexplicable attachment to objects
  • the utmost dread of pigeons
  • the attitude to life Olive has in Little Miss Sunshine
  • being able to fall madly in love with book characters
  • feeling invincible when riding my bike
  • being a maximalist and almost never feel complacent in life
  • being rather picky than being a true vegetarian
  • the lack of my grandma in my life and that she missed out on what I have become
  • the fear that I will never be a ‘real’ adult and life is just passing me by rather than happening to me

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