Scrabble up!

This work of mine is an odd one out in the series of my data-driven designs. My very first standalone illustration was inspired by my boyfriend. A couple of weeks ago I was travelling home looking through the window of a stranger’s car when the idea popped into my mind. Making a personalized Scrabble board of the words that weaved through out relationship sounded like a perfect idea to mark our year and a half anniversary with. I just didn’t know if I would succeed in drawing it, and the amount of time it would take.

I was utterly shocked when I managed to finish it in 2 days and the graphic even looked better than it has appeared in my head. Never ever had this experience before. First, I created the Scrabble board and the complete Hungarian font set (if needed for any other project) and then the customized illustration for him:


…but even if the design itself was a piece of cake, every project has its hardships. I ordered a deep wooden frame in white to intensify the total effect of the graphic, but it did not turn out as expected. The 20×20 frame was 21×21 in reality, the shape of the inner part was not exactly rectangular and the paint looked so cheap, that I had to rub it down and apply another white layer on it.

All in all (spending two days on the design, spontaneous brain hemorrhage looking at the frame, accidentally sitting on an anthill while taking this photo) I’m quite satisfied with the outcome:


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