Beep beep boop

Yesterday I spent 3 hours trying to gather the herd of Queen Elizabeth’s corgis and trace their family tree, which seems a mission impossible. I have this visualization ready in my head for months and I just can’t give up on finding the info even if it lies in the darkest corners of the internet. As the past weekend was all about the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it seemed like a good idea to bring it out of the drawer… Maybe it will take a year or twenty, but this visualization will be done, even if I have to write a letter to the royal dog breeder.

Going back to the original subject: robots. Putting together this infographic took exactly the same amount of time than not getting anywhere with the corgi dynasty. Sometimes it’s as easy as it seems, you find the right data, the right icons, the right font and it just turns out even better than you’ve expected.


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