Falling in love with Illustrator

Yesterday I finished a basic Adobe Illustrator course by Daniel Walter Scott, and it was pure magic. In a non-muggle world, Illustrator would be my patronus and the curvature tool my aparecium charm. I was awed from the very first minute of the training and still unable to glue back my chin where it belongs.

When it comes to drawing, I’m not the sharpest pencil in the drawer – to tell it gently. But! Couple of hours into this course I was designing foxes, melting ice creams and distorting fonts. I can’t imagine to ever fall out of love with this product.

In the past weeks I thought about forcing myself back to doing infographics, as inspiration has ceased flowing recently, but I think Illustrator means a fresh energy shot to me. No matter how much I liked working in Canva, I think this is time to say goodbye and be off to pastures new. Canva, thanks for everything! Illustrator, I won’t let the muggles get you down!

You can have a look at my first Star Wars themed AI infographic in my previous post.

Liquify 1

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