Tour de Prague like a vizard

There are some things I can’t help doing and this is what I call the dataviz lifestyle. Even when I’m on vacation, my mind is all around numbers, maps, arts… anything that has the potential to visualize. And anyway, what would a data muggle do in the capital of alchemy if not some data sorcery?

This was my 3rd visit to Prague. In 2014 I checked out all the famous historical places that are worth seeing – of course with a beer in my hand, looking through the lense of the camera. Last year I was with my brother, and the ultimate goal of the trip was to drink as many beers as I can in 2.5 days (and -20 degrees). See, numbers! 17 – to be precise…

BeFunky Collage

This year I put together a map (see, map!) and showed nice beers, fatty food, and places to visit with different colors and icons on it. I also included Tripadvisor links to the details section, so that we could check them out while strolling on the cobblestone streets of Prague. End result: innumerous calorie intake and stoned smiley faces standing beside sculptures.

While trying not to freeze to the ground in this March winter we had, I saw a lot of ‘fuck war‘ graffitis (see, arts!) by Prizmu all around the city and started to take a shot of them. The one of Alice in Wonderland being my favourite:

He’s active not just in Prague, but several different cities across Europe, so it would be really cool to visualize all his works in Tableau with the exact location and the pics themselves. I asked him today, whether he has the list of paintings he’s done so far, hope he’ll answer my mail.

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